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Recently, the international environment has been causing a high demand for veterinary expertise:

  • the proliferation of major health crises, such as avian influenza, requires greater control of zoo-sanitary restrictions by all the countries, as well as an improvement in global sanitary governance;
  • the globalization of trade in animals and animal products, but also the enlargement of the European Union, require the States to conform their services and products to international standards (“hygiene package”, animal welfare) and to ensure the competitiveness of their agricultural production.

 Given the high stakes, in terms of public health and economy, the international community is mobilized, including the World Bank and the European Commission. Also, today, many countries, particularly those in the South, are engaged in an active approach to enhance the performance of their veterinary services, as these are now recognized as a Global Public Good at the initiative of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).


Faced with this increased demand for veterinary expertise, France has demonstrated the relevance of its health model that relies on the skills of both science and technology and on an organization reaching all public and private actors involved: stockbreeders, operators of the food chain, veterinary practitioners, government administrations, research and diagnostics laboratories, trainers, etc.


It is therefore seeking a better balance between international demand and a rich and diversified French offer of cooperation, which was behind the creation of France Vétérinaire International (FVI), a public interest group responsible for federate, coordinate and promote this offer worldwide.